Other Tax Services

*Multi-State Returns* Many people have business interests in more than one state. This can require additional state tax returns along with proper apportionment of income. If this applies to you please give me a call. *Back Taxes* Sometimes people get behind in their tax filings. This may have to do with personal or business reasons that have made it difficult to stay current with their taxes. I am happy to meet with you, and together we can develop a plan to catch up those back taxes. *Audit Representation and Problem Resolution* Sometimes people have problems with the IRS that never seem to get resolved. Bringing in a professional to act as intermediary can be very helpful. I am experienced in working with the IRS and other taxing entities. I can represent you and act as your advocate. *Other Tax Returns* Gift, estate, and trust tax returns are also available. These tax returns are filed when necessary. Call me if you think you might have a situation which requires one of these returns.