If you are a new business or have operating for many years, you realize that you need the services of an accountant. *Financial Statements* Properly prepared financial statements will help you make proper business decisions and aid tax preparation. They also allow you to compare your current operations to historical information as well as help you compare your business to similar businesses. Financial statements are also helpful when you need bank loans or credit from suppliers. *Accounting System Setup* Proper setup of the chart of accounts and other data is important whether you are using a manual accounting system or computer system. Often times the transition from one system to another fails due to improper analysis of the accounting data. Increase your success by bringing in professional help early on. *Additional Benefits* Accounting professionals help business people every day because of the scope of services offered and experience. It seems that every where we look there is a government agency with an interest in your business. Teaming up with a professional can help you navigate to success.